Marketing Campaign

MetaQuest 2

Know Try Buy. The Experience Endlessly campaign for the AAF National Advertising Competition.

National Student Advertising Competition
August 2021
May 2022
Primary Responsibilities
Development & Interaction
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Know Try Buy. This is the Experience Endlessly campaign that my team created for the AAF National Advertising Competition.

Meta's goal for this project was to create a campaign targeted toward college-age students in which we'd essentially be educating them on the capabilities of the MetaQuest2 device. We were tasked with creating a campaign book, company value statement, and the official launch video for the MetaExperienceEndlessly campaign.

With my team, we created the Experience Endlessly campaign which follows a simple Know Try Buy strategy to showcase the endless possibilities that the Meta Quest2 has to offer.

I contributed to the project by researching, writing, editing copy, and designing the campaign book